Q: Does Roany’s accept other currencies besides Canadian?
A: No, we only accept payment in Canadian dollars. For international customers, please convert your funds through Paypal before sending them to us. If you do not convert the funds, we will reject them and you will have to repay. 
Q: Are the items on the website official products?
A: Yes, all of the items listed on our website are officially licensed products (with the exception of some items that are listed as unofficial and some featured artist products that are handmade.) Please read the description on the item for manufacturer information (for example, a Pokemon Center plush will have “Manufacturer: Pokemon Center Japan” in its description.) We will never mislead a customer to believe they are receiving a genuine product and replace it with a knockoff. Buy with confidence!
Q: Does Roany’s ship worldwide?
A: Currently, our website is designed to ship within Canada and internationally to Australia, France, Germany, the USA, and the UK. We are always looking to expand our customer base, so feel free to contact us for a quote if you live outside of these areas.
Q: How much is the shipping cost?
A: To calculate your shipping cost, add an item to the cart. Once the item has been added, click on “cart” at the top of the page. Then, enter your shipping information into the “calculate shipping” box on the cart page. Please note that when more items are added to the cart, the shipping cost will go up as the package becomes heavier.
Q: Are any other methods of payment accepted other than Paypal and credit cards?
A: Yes, for Canadian customers we also accept Interac E-Transfer (your bank must support this method of payment.) Customers are responsible for paying the small fee associated with initiating the transfer. This service must be done outside of the website, so please contact us to place an order if you would like to pay this way.
Q: Is there any way to check the status of my package or track it?
A: Yes, all shipping methods include a tracking number that can be used via the Canada Post website. Tracking numbers will be sent to the customer by e-mail after the package has been shipped.
Q: If my item is sent back, do I have to pay for it to be shipped again?
A: Yes, if you entered the wrong address, did not pick up the package from the post office, etc. and the package is sent back to us, you are responsible for the cost to re-ship the item. Additionally, if a package is sent back to us and you no longer want the items, you forfeit 30% of the funds that have been paid to us for the entire order. This fee is due to the inconvenience of having to re-list and re-sell your returned items. The ONLY exception is if we make a mistake and write the wrong address on the package. Then, we will confirm the address and resend the package at no cost to the customer.
Q: Can I cancel an order once it has been paid for?
A: No, customers cannot cancel orders once they have been paid for. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they have enough money to cover the items in the cart. Please make sure you have the correct items placed in your cart upon checkout.
Q: Will Roany’s hold an item so I can pay for it later?
A: No, we apologize but due to the popularity of many of our items, everything is sold on a first come, first serve basis. We also do not hold items for pickup at events as we have had too many issues with this in the past. Thank you for understanding.
Q: Can I do payment plans?
A: Sorry, we do not offer any type of payment plan for items. All items must be paid in full upon checkout.